Adoption Home Studies by
   Loving Families, Inc.

    Home Study and Post Placement Services

The home study is a series of three meetings with your social worker to determine if adoption is the right decision for your family. During these meetings you will discuss your values, experiences and attitudes toward parenting. You will also learn about the special issues that adopted children face and how you can help your child to work through these issues. You will be asked questions about the way that you were raised and what you learned from other influences in your life.

We have two major criteria for adoptive parents. One is that you be able to love a child who is not related by blood. The other is that you will be committed to your child until he or she becomes an adult and, hopefully, for the rest of your child's life.

The home study is time for you to gather information as well. Please feel free to ask questions or share your concerns. You will get advice on how to help your child to adjust both before and after the adoption. We are available to assist you with suggestions on how to handle adoption or adjustment issues.

We are also available for formal post placement visits. These visits are necessary to complete domestic adoptions. They are also often required by countries overseas. We will submit a report to the court, your placing agency or your child's country, at your request.

The fee for a home study report is $1350, payable in three installments of $450 due at the time of each of the three interviews. The fee for post placement reports is $300 per visit with the report included.